Byrge-Henson Memorial Conference Scholarship

The Byrge-Henson Memorial Scholarship is open to any non-compensated active volunteer firefighter within the State of Tennessee. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide a volunteer firefighter who might not otherwise be able to attend the Chapter’s annual training a means by which he/she can attend. The funding for this scholarship comes from members of the Tennessee Chapter to be used in the manner as stated in the Tennessee Chapter’s Constitution and By-Laws.

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must complete the scholarship application in full and return it to the Tennessee Chapter no later than June 1st of the current year. Accompanying the application must be a letter from the Fire Department’s Chief, Public Safety Director, or equivalent confirming the active and non-compensated status of the applicant. Within this letter there must also be a statement of commitment by the author that is understood that the applicant will use this training to assist those officials involved in the investigation of fires and explosions within the applicant’s jurisdiction.

All applications received completed and by the due date shall be reviewed by the scholarship selection committee and the awardee shall be notified on or about July 1st of the current year of his/her approval. The choice(s) of the committee shall be final.

The scholarship shall cover the cost of lodging for the entire seminar, usually Sunday through Thursday nights. The cost of all registration fees and class material will be covered as will any expense deemed necessary by the Tennessee Chapter’s Board of Directors. The awardee will also receive a per diem for food to be paid in an amount equal to the current State of Tennessee expense reimbursement rate for the location at which the Seminar is held. The awardee shall be responsible for all travel expenses and all expenses not outlined herein.