Chapter Officers & Board of Directors


Jim Gault-0001 (2)


Jim Gault,
TechniFire Services Company
Term Expires 8/2022

Tim Spires-0001 (1)

First Vice President

Tim Spires,
East Ridge Police Department
Terms Expires 8/2022

Jason Stokes (1)

Second Vice President

Jason Stokes,
Clinton Police Department
Term Expires 8/2022

Ben Atchley-0001 (1)


Ben Atchley,
TechniFire Services Company 
Term Expires 8/2023

Kenneth Lunghofer-0001 (1)

Immediate Past President

Kenneth Lunghofer, 
TN Bomb and Arson (Retired)
Term Expires 8/2022

Board of Directors

Jimmy Maddox (1)


Jimmy Maddox
JMaddox Investigations
Term Expires 8/2024

Jim Simpson (1)


Jim Simpson
City of Milan Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2024

Steven Talbott (1)


Steven Talbott
Maryville Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2024

George Carroll (1)


George Carroll
City of Oak Ridge Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2023

John Steele (1)


John Steele
Knoxville Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2023

Darren Stinnett (1)


Darren Stinnett
City of Aloa Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2023

Chris Baker (1)


Chris Baker
J.S. Held, LLC
Term Expires 8/2022

Jody Dwyer (1)


Jody Dwyer
Germantown Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2022

Stephen Goodwin (1)


Stephen Goodwin
Sparta Fire Department
Term Expires 8/2022

Past Presidents

Prior to 1974, no records exist for Past Presidents

1974  Bill Ragsdale  Cleveland, TN
1975  Bill Lewis  Tiptonville, TN
1976  J.W. Culberson  Franklin, TN
1977  John McClure  Paris, TN
1978  George James  Memphis, TN
1979  Jack Stafford  Nashville, TN
1980  J.W. Dodd  Cleveland, TN
1981  Henry Black  Morristown, TN
1982  Jeff Long  Nashville, TN
1983  George Adkins  Paris, TN
1984  Bruce Hill  Maryville, TN
1985  Ken Abbott  Maryville, TN
1986  Rick Eley  Bartlett, TN
1987  Robert Frost  Jackson, TN
1988  Cecil Patterson  Nashville, TN
1989  Vick Mallard  Paris, TN
1990  H.D. Atchley  Maryville, TN
1991  Howard Sutton  Kingsport, TN
1992  Bob Downer  Murfreesboro, TN
1993  Johnny Hayes  Jackson, TN
1994  Jesse L Hodge  Knoxville, TN
1995  Juanita Collida  Johnson City, TN
1996  Wayne Henson  Nashville, TN
1997  Tom Muse  Knoxville, TN
1998  Kenneth Ogle  Gatlinburg, TN
1999  Jerry Carter  Chattanooga, TN
2000  Earl “Bo” Kaylor  Dayton, TN
2001  Bob Blair  Nashville, TN
2002  Larry Whitley  Kingsport, TN
2003  Mike Dalton  Knoxville, TN
2004  James Boyd  Jackson, TN
2005  Gary West  Gatlinburg, TN
2006  L.E. “Bud” Smith  Jefferson City, TN
2007  Dennis Kennamer  Knoxville, TN
2008-2009  Carl Peas  Murfreesboro, TN
2010-2011  Jack Spurgeon  Bristol, TN
2012-2013  Lori Ratliff  Johnson City, TN
2014-2015  Mike Sing  Maryville, TN
2016-2017  Danny Beeler  Knoxville, TN
2018-2019  Kenneth Lunghofer  Greenville, TN

Lifetime Members

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership (Lifetime Membership) is an honor extended to individuals, who, in the opinion of the Chapter President and Board of Directors, has made significant contributions to the Chapter and the general membership through their active involvement in the Chapter and non-financial support of Chapter endeavors.

The honor is limited to two (2) nominations per calendar year.

The Tennessee Chapter has conferred Honorary Lifetime Chapter Membership honors to:

Jimmy Burnett

Jimmie Burnett, Sr

Jerry Carter

Jerry Carter


Mike Dalton

TN Chapter IAAI

Larry Dauberman

TN Chapter IAAI

Robert Downer

jesse hodge - edited

Jesse Hodge

Earl “Bo” Kaylor

Earl “Bo” Kaylor

TN Chapter IAAI

Ed Mitchell

Kenneth Ogle

Kenneth Ogle

bud smith - edited

Linwood “Bud” Smith

Geoff Woolard

Geoff Woolard